Monday, December 5, 2016

Zaful Review

Zaful contacted me to do a review of clothes from their web-site.  I placed my order and the clothes came within 4 days; which I like.  I hate waiting a long time for my on-line orders.  They have a huge selection on their web-site, but I choose athletic pieces because that's what 80% of my wardrobe has become since I started teaching yoga and barre.
Zaful Review

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I ordered a navy pair of leggings, a light blue hoodie and a mesh sports bra. My favorite is probably the sports bra.  The tricky thing is their sizing, according to their size chart I am a medium, which is a size larger that I usually wear.  The jacket and leggings fit perfectly, but the bra is a bit big.  I shortened the straps, which took all of 5 minutes on my sewing machine .  I like this bra because it is super soft and unlike any other sports bras I have.  It is great for yoga, but there is really not a lot of support, so definitely for just low-impact activities.  It would also look great under one of my layering tanks for barre, or under a low-cut blouse or sweater. 

The leggings have mesh panels and have worn and washed (x2) well so far.  They aren't as tight across my abdomen as my Zella or Lulu pants, but for less than $15, I think it is fun to have a navy pair.  The jacket is super soft and is cut like a Lululemon jacket, but the quality isn't as high.  So overall I would recommend the items I got, but keep in mind that these items are really inexpensive, and probably won't have the life as my more expensive items in my closet.  That being said, it's fun to have a variety of items without spending almost a hundred dollars just for leggings.  The links are included below!  Have fun picking something new! 

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Moving to Instagram!

Dear readers- thank you so much for your support over the last two years!  I started this blog because I love clothes and wanted to be an inspiration for older women who want to look current and up-to-date.  So many things have happened in these past 2 years; 2 marriages, 5 new grandchildren and a change of career and lifestyle for me.  I have decided to just post on Instagram from this point on- I hope you will follow me "lovefashionandlive" for your update on the best purchases, favorite products and my life!
Please still feel free to contact me with any of your fashion questions.  I am also taking personal appointments if you have a close full of clothes, but "have nothing to wear"!
I found this dress at Nordstrom Rack for only $25 this weekend!
Total score!

It's made out of scuba fabric, so it's not clingy-perfect

This dress looks fresh, but is really modest in the cut-
you can relax and not worry about showing too much

These vibrant colors are my favorite

See you on Instagram!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Fall Trend- Gray Jeans

Gray jeans are big for fall, and they are one of my favorites!  Softer than black and dressier than blue, gray jeans go with anything.  As you can see from the pictures below, gray is a true neutral.  It's flatters other neutrals, and also plays well off other, brighter colors. Slim cuts are still the most popular- I found a lot of inspiration in these pictures and I hope you find something you like!

Photo credits- Pinterest

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Red Fish Lake!

We are headed to our annual trip at Redfish Lake, up in the Sawtooth Mountains!  I am so excited for some family time,
and to be away from work and electronic devices!  See you next week!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Putting It All Together

After creating all of this outfits from the items I put together yesterday, I realized that I could probably do without a couple shirts and maybe even a pair of pants!  But here are lots of combinations for you to choose from!  I started with the pants and then close shirts and jackets that would make a great pairing- Enjoy!

One Carry-On

 As I mentioned Friday, a friend asked if I could put together enough clothes for a 12 day trip to Europe in one carry-on suitcase.  Since I am going on a trip to Europe myself in September it was 
a perfect test run!  This is what I packed-

Jackets L-R Black Faux Leather Jacket, Gray Cashmere Sweater, Olive Utility Jacket
Shoes L-R Black Flat Sandals, Coach Sneakers, Gold Flats, Gray Boots

Five pairs of pants
L-R black motto jeans, black leggings, gray jeans, olive jeans and denim capris
10 Shirts/Tees
L-R Striped short sleeve tee, gray 3/4 length sleeve, plaid pop-over, lace short sleeve shirt,
cream sequin tee, black cap-sleeve tee
purple plaid pop-over, gray fringed tee, black striped tee and orange linen tee
Easy jersey skirt and print dress
As I mentioned Friday, I am wearing my boots and utility jacket on the plane- so first in goes my black jacket and shoes 
If you roll your jeans they don't get wrinkled as easily and it's easy to grab what you need.  We will be traveling a lot between towns, so I don't want to unpack everything each time we stop-
Roll all your shirts- easy to see what's there!
I also added a swimsuit and a hat
This all fits in very easy with room to spare- I have plenty of room for any purchases I make along the way!
As you can see I haven't even used my zippered extension on my carry-on
My other carry-on is my Lululemon bag.  I can fit my purse, underwear, make-up , IPad,
book and treats in here- no problem!

Stop by tomorrow to see how I combined everything for 15 different outfits!

Thursday, July 28, 2016


I had lunch with one of my good friends today and she is going to Europe in October.  I am lucky enough to be going in September with two of my daughters.  We both want to do carry-on (my brother who just traveled there had his luggage lost and didn't get it until he returned home!)
Her challenge to me was to put together enough outfits for 12 days that would fit in a carry on.  Since I have already been thinking about what I will bring I thought this might be helpful for you as well.  
Below is the outfit I will wear on the plane.  I want to wear my heaviest- bulkiest pieces that would have taken up the most room.  Leggings and a tee are super comfy for the flight and boots take up so much room, ditto for the coat (it's always good to have an extra layer for temperature changes).  
You can always remove the boots during the flight- Easy to zip on and off!
Check back Monday for more outfits and see if I can get it in one carry-on!
Have a great weekend!


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