Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fire-station Eagle No. 43

The guys at Eagle House No 43 were kind enough to pose for these photos with me- hard day's work!

I got these prescription eyeglasses for free!  Go to Coastal.com with your prescription and use the code FIRSTPAIRFREE

These pants are the Eaton boy trousers from J. Crew- the shorter length feels very modern- they have a crisp pleat in the front

I purchased these shoes at a Dillards sale several years ago- the lace is so current for fall

This sweater from J.Crew is on sale right now- it is wool, but it's so thin and soft- great for layering under a coat or jacket

Get all the Details about the firemans' Calendar they make each year to earn money for the burn-out fund- it's very easy on the eyes!

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  1. What brand/product number are those glasses?! I want them so badly. You are so cute.

  2. Hello, Thanks for looking at my Blog! I got these glasses at Coastal.com. The brand is Joseph Marc JM4027. I have had them for about a year, but there are lots of glasses from this brand on the web-site. Search under "first pair free"
    XO Deb



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