Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Apres' Ski- Wishlist

Apre' Ski- Wishlist
I want all of these items for after skiing or a trip to the mountains!  The Michael Kors Jacket is on sale at Nordstom- Love the color!  I have a pair of these Zella leggings, but without the skirt; The skirt is a great addition to help keep your back side covered. The leggings I have had for two years and have  washed and kept their shape without pilling.  This is the Nordstrom brand of active wear.  Rumor has it that they have a Lululemon designer on board.  The price point is better than Lulu- but there are hard core fans of Lulu.  The top is from Old Navy- I've had good luck with their active wear products as well.  The UGG boots are a splurge, but they are waterproof and you can't beat them for comfort and warmth-


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