Thursday, December 19, 2013

Blue Velvet

This outfit is perfect for New Year's Eve!  It is so comfortable and the tunic is slimming, so you are not adjusting your blouse or belt all night-

It's hard to tell in the lighting, but this tunic is a beautiful blue velvet, I got it at an after Christmas Sale at Zara last year for $20, it was one of those great finds that I wasn't expecting!

Here's a good picture of the detail on this tunic, the crystal necklace really pops!  I got this from Mindy Mae's Market- you can follow her on Instagram for daily specials, or here is her web-site.  She has amazing deals!  This necklace was only $39!

I also got these leggings, last year on sale- the brand is velvet- they are a faux grey suede on the front and black knit in the back- I found a similar pair for you at Macy's (on sale)!!!

Tall black booties and my crystal bracket keep this simple and elegant

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  1. This is a beautiful outfit! And what an element of surprise when you turn to the side and have contrasting colors!! Susan



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