Monday, December 9, 2013

Easy as Pie

I'm not quite sure where the "Easy as Pie" quote came from, because it's not easy for me to make pies- but this outfit is so easy!

This Michael Kors Jersey Dress is amazing- it skims over everything- is super comfortable and doesn't wrinkle if you are traveling this holiday season

I put a little snow in because we had our first snow and it's totally freezing!  We took these right after church and it was 11 degrees- So my hubby was very fast!
Make sure the dress isn't too tight and wear the proper undergarments- Spankx or a full support slip
I have had this J. Crew for 12 years- it still is in style and looks brand new!
 A coat like this is an investment, but you'll look so put-together wearing it- You can get one for 30% off at J.Crew today- code MERRYMERRY

I found some amazing dresses for you at Nordstrom- almost all of them are at the $70 price point.  Look at the green one if you are a bit heavier on the bottom- it has a beautiful flare skirt- Free shipping and returns at Nordstrom- always

Stay warm!!

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