Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Faux Fur Vest- A Must Have

I have several faux fur vests- which I absolutely love! They are on Rachel Zoe's list as well; they keep you warm with out adding too many layers or bulk around the arms and shoulders

There are a lot of pattern and textures here, but keeping them in the same color family makes this work

Details! Glitter belt (old) Forever 21, Bracelets- J. Crew, Target, Necklace from a local boutique (Mimi Marie's) and Coach purse from the outlet- email me to get an invitation to shop on line- crazy good deals!

These are Rich and Skinny jeans; they are the most comfortable pair I own- they are so soft and have tons of stretch.  Try some on at a higher end store- then if you see them on line for a good price you can buy them- I bought these last year for $30!

Make it a great day-XO!

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