Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve

It' funny how somethings come together so easily- I can often changes items of my outfit several times until it feels right, but the first time I put everything on it just clicked

I'm wearing this tonight when my husband I go out for New Year's Eve- It feels classy, and like I'm  not trying too hard
I found this jacket at H&M right before Christmas for $15.  Their jackets are made really well for the price point- I normally wear a size 4 and have to wear an 8- the european sizing is different
I love my hair, but can't really tell you how I did it!  Notice the tonal animal print on the jacket- Love!  

Clutch and shoes from previous posts (Forever 21 and Nordstrom)

This is from a local boutique, but I found some good choices for you on Etsy

Except for the jacket, everything else has been used at least once before- my super comfortable Rich and Skinny jeans

H&M is having a fantastic sale on-line- you can get a faux fur vest, faux leather vest, or blazer for under $20-

Happy New Year's Eve!

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