Thursday, February 20, 2014

Creamy Chic

I love this jacket!  It's INC from Macy's and with their sale last weekend and a coupon I got it for $33! It's not available on line, but check your store- we had several of them and it comes in navy also- One of my favorites- a peplum waist!

Blue and pink are big for spring, and this royal blue color is one I'll turn to for the transition to spring ( same pants from Monday's post)

Detail of my J.Crew necklace and the jacket.  I found almost the exact necklace for you from Etsy- less than $30!

I tried to recreate one the the hair styles I did before for the blog- I teased the top and pulled a section from the center and then added a piece from one side and twisted it around the main section; switching sides until the last side which I wrapped around everything and secured with a bobbie pin- I didn't need an elastic- it should look lose, and not too perfect- start with curled or wavy 2nd or 3rd day hair

I scored these shoes from Nordstrom Rack- I was so happy to fine two great choices for you- They are pretty inexpensive and add a great pop of color to any outfit

This jacket has that Chanel vibe as well- I wore it to work yesterday and received tons of compliments- below is a different cream jacket from INC- definitely more casual, but would still work with these pieces

Thanks so much for stopping by today- I love reading your comments and emails!

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