Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Full On Spring

Full On Spring

I have been seeing full skirts every where this spring!  They are amazing on every body type!  They can camouflage any problem areas below the waist, and if your figure is more straight up and down; this provides the look of an hourglass figure.  Make sure that the skirt is hitting a bit below the knees and above the calves.  If it hits right at the calves, your legs will appear thicker.  I have looked for a less expensive version than the $300 ones on Shopbop, and
 this is the only one I could find under $100.  It comes in several colors, but of course I chose green!  This embordiered blouse is less than $20, tucked in it keeps with the flowy, girly vibe. The purse is on sale at Hautelook; I love the added contrast!

Polyvore has changed the lay-out to access the link to the clothing-just click on "Full On Spring" below

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