Tuesday, March 11, 2014

New Neutrals

I am starting to combine more tan and grey together.  This outfit is a bit more trendy for me with wearing a hat and the boots contrasting with my pants, but I felt good in it!

 I got the shirt on sale at Forever 21 for $15- I love the faux leather panels- the way they give definition to my waist since this a boxy fit. Check your local store, or I have a solid choice down below

I layered two necklaces together- my new mediallon necklace from J. Crew and an older necklace from  Madewell- The J. Crew necklace is on sale on line today 

I love my booties with the animal print lining! (old from Macy's)

Bracelets, left to right Ann Taylor, Target (wrap bracket) and Marc Jacobs

Skinny jeans from H&M- in stores only

The hat is old from Nordstrom- similar choices below- don't be afraid to mix in some new combinations form your wardrobe- Hello from La Jolla- the weather has been amazing!

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