Monday, April 7, 2014


I never would have thought to put mint and black together, but this shirt inspired the combination- it's edgy and fresh at the same time

This shirt was one of those amazing fines you get looking on the clearance rack.  I bought it at H&M last year for $6- it has great detailing and the fabric is beautiful

The shirt has this black side panel which adds interest, but it also looks super slimming- especially from straight on

It has covered buttons in the back- details like this make this shirt look much more expensive than it is.  It's polyester, but the polyester fabric today is so much better than the polyester fabric we had in the 70's!  It used to be thick and heavy, and didn't have the look of thin silk-like fabric

My Coach bag from the outlet (I am loving this color), and gold bracelets and watch

I skipped a necklace, since this shirt is beautiful on it's own and went with statement earrings instead.  I found several similar shirts and earrings for you to choose from-


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