Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wishlist San Francisco

Monday I had the day to myself in San Francisco.  It was warm, sunny and absolutely perfect.  My first stop was the new Nordstrom Rack; it was amazing!  Lots of beautiful items and I scored a great pair of sandals (I'll feature them later).  I spent most of the day just wandering and looking for colors and combinations that inspired me.  Neiman Marcus was a highlight, since I don't usually get to see high end designer fashion in Idaho- All I need now is to win the lottery- Enjoy!

I loved this color combination!

Stella McCartney

Jewels on a sweater by Marc Jacobs

Oscar De La Renta- bright colors and florals

Jimmy Choo- Neon

Blue shades from Armani

Blush and ruffles- Marc Jacobs

You can tell what colors I am drawn to!

Stained glass and gilt at Neiman Marcus

Cream, blush and denim from Vince

Chanel's new shoe- the sock is part of it (only $1095)  I bet we'll see this combination coming in the fall-

Red, cream and leopard- a combination I want to try

Zara kiwi shirt- so fresh!

I loved the simplicity of her outfit and the silver shoes- she has a quilted Chanel bag at her side

Me at home- ( yes, I was born isn San Francisco!)

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