Wednesday, May 28, 2014

One Piece Wishlist

One Piece Wishlist

Sometimes after having babies, it's more comfortable to wear a one-piece swim suit.  There are so many fabulous choices out there! One site that I really love is Everything But Water.  All of the suits above are exclusive to them, and they also have a great selection of plus-size suits.  Starting in the upper left I'll tell you which type of suit will go with your body type;
Floral- accentuates a medium bust and brings your attention up, towards you face
Blue High Neck- this is the most expensive, but I love the sporty look- the colors and stripes are in the right places and it has a youthful feel, without looking too young.  Great for almost any body type, except very curvy
Green Runched Suit- good for a larger bust and helps cover up and problems in the mid-section
Blue Print- great on almost anyone, except an extremley small bust
Coral Suit- fantastic color, a solid is always slimming- the fringe will help you look bigger, if you are smaller on top
Blue and White Crochet- the sexy one- if you can rock this go for it! Easier to wear than a bikini-
Blue Ruffle -the beaded contrast brings the eye up and the ruffle help to camouflage any bumps or bulges. Good if you are heavier in the bottom half because of the lighter contrast on top

I hope you can find the perfect suit for you!

One Piece Wishlist by lovefashionandlive on Polyvore

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