Friday, May 9, 2014

Petite Fashion

I had a reader email me for some suggestions for fashion for women 5'3" and under.  While I was loading some photos, I didn't realize how many celebrities are 5'3" or less. If you find one whose style you love, they can be a great source of inspiration.

A few suggestions for petites; make sure your clothes fit!  You might need to include extra money in your budget for tailoring, but it is a must. Invest in some classic pieces like a neutral skirt, black pants, jeans (yes, you can get these altered as well) and one or two blazers that are of high quality. That way you can add a more trendy color or pattern with out spending too much.  If you haven't read my Basics Page (up top), I have quite a few tips that will help you out.  Definitely "highlight the best, camouflage the rest"!

Below are some examples of outfits I love

Rachel Blison- Keep the shoes neutral- it will elongate your legs. The a-line on this dress is great if you are larger in the hips.  The same goes for a skirt if you are curvy; a-line instead of a pencil skirt
Reese Witherspoon- I love her style!  Wedges are a comfortable choice to add some height.  Solid colors are good because a busy pattern can overpower a small frame

Lea Michele- For a formal event a dress in a solid color with this type of flow looks great on petites

Resse - she's not afraid to wear flats or small heels, even though she is short- once again, solid colors with great accessories! 

Eva Longoria is another celebrity whose style I like.  She  likes to wear high heels and is always polished- the monochromatic look adds height

Casual Reese- she does have a patterned shirt, but the print is small- love the purse!

Salma Hayek is very curvy and short.  Once again for dresses neutral shoes, solid colors and classic silhouettes

Love the Valentino flats and her rolled jeans

Mila Kunis- a blazer always looks sharp and if you are young and very tiny it will keep you from looking like you are a teenager.  This look would be perfect for any age-the tee is loose, so you don't have to worry about any bumps or bulges, flats are comfortable and the jacket totally elevates the look

These colors are beautiful, and the coat is a great length, hitting just below the knees

Love her pumps!  They remind me of the ones I wear all the time! If you don't want high heels, search for kitten heels.  They are popular right now and give height, without sacrificing comfort. I hope this gives you some new ideas no matter your size- Have a wonderful weekend!


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