Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Present

One of my friends at work says that this is her favorite outfit of mine.  Mary says the pattern on the blazer with the contrasting tee underneath look like beautiful gift bag with coordinating tissue-

Continuing on with my floral trend I purchased this blazer last year at Forever 21 for $15 ! I seriously love their blazers, they are cut well, lined and you can't beat the price

You can see an up-close of the patterns.  This linen tee is from Madewell (old).  They have all of their linen tees on sale now, so you can find a contrasting color for your favorite blazer

One of our other sons was home and I loved his sunglasses- they are from Warby Parker.  This is a great company that donates 1 pair of glasses to a person in need when you buy a pair.  They also let you try 5 paris of their glasses on at home for free; so I ordered my pairs yesterday.  I am excited to see which ones I like-

I love white pants for summer (if you haven't noticed)- if you have a couple paris of great fitting pants, it is so easy to change up your look with different tops, blazers or shoes.  I have several different floral blazers below- I hope you can find one you like!

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