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Wishlist for Weight Loss

Wishlist for Weight Loss

I've had quite a few readers ask me about my nutrition-fitness routine.  There have been periods in my life when I was heavy and I didn't like it.  Food was always on my mind, and that whole "why did I eat that?", "I should have worked out today", "I'll start tomorrow" routine.  It wasn't until I realized that nothing tasted as good as the feeling I had when I was at my healthy weight, that things really changed.  When I am at my heathy weight I don't think about food, except when it is time to eat. I feel confident and can go about my day focusing on other things besides my weight and what I am eating. Don't get me wrong- I love food and it's something I enjoy- especially with a family as large as ours; most celebrations include food.  I try not to cut myself off from all sugar, or dairy or whatever- everything in moderation.  I don't eat perfect all of time, but probably 80% of the time. I have never smoked or drunk alcohol, and I stay away from soda, caffeine and processed foods which helps my body to stay healthy.

I work at a hypnosis center, and we use hypnosis to deal with behavior modification.  Most of the clients I see each day are women in their late 40's or 50's who are trying to lose weight. I feel there is a big myth out there that our metabolism slows down as we get older.  There are instances with a hormonal imbalance, or an auto-immune disease, other serious health problems or if you've starved yourself on diets that could cause your metabolism to slow down.  Most of the time I find there is pattern of changes in our habits as we get older that have caused the weight gain. The main changes often are; exercise or activity in general have decreased,  eating out as increased (especially as we don't have to cook for a family anymore and our discretionary income has increased), alcohol intake has increased, and snacking has increased.  Of course there are other factors and everyone is an individual.  But I would take time to think of three things you do or don't do that have caused you to gain weight, and start with small changes to correct these patterns.

Diets don't work.  They are a temporary fix where you are forcing yourself to follow a plan, and you might lose weight, but the minute you go off your diet you go back to all of your old habits and behaviors.  Changes I have made as I've aged are; never eat a full size portion at a restaurant.  My husband I aways share something.  If your husband doesn't want to share, ask for a to-go box when your order comes and put half in there immediately.  If you don't want to take it home, throw it away.   Have just a couple bites of dessert, not the whole thing. It might sound wasteful, but don't clean your plate! Exercise more than you did when you were younger. I have some of my favorite work-out DVDs above.  They can all be done at home, with nothing but some light weights and are about 30 minutes.  There is no excuse that you can not find 30 minutes in the day to make you and your health a priority! Find something you love to do to be active!  I discovered hot yoga (a 80 minute class in a 105' room) 13 years ago.  I love it- I usually don't have to try to talk my self into going. I love not only the physical benefits but the mental ones as well- it really helps me to relieve stress. I've tried cross-fit, boot camp and other work-outs, but for me this is something I plan to do for the rest of my life. It's important to incorporate some type of weights in your routine to help build muscle mass and bone strength.  All the videos above use light weights. Activity doesn't have to be a "formal" type of exercise; I love to walk, hike, bike ride, play tennis- anything outdoors is great. (I don't like running; never have-never will!)

I have included a great book about weight loss- it's talks about the mind-body connection and a hypnosis DVD that you can use at home.  These are just tools for you to use that I have found helpful.  If you've been through menopause and are interested in bio-identaical hormone replacement there is a lot of information (both pro and con) you can research on the internet.  I am on a low dose of estrogen and testosterone that I feel have made a difference in helping my mood to stay stable and allowed me to not lose all of my muscle tone.  Ask around and read reviews for a doctor in your area if that is something you are interested in exploring. I hope this helped and would love to hear any suggestions for things that have worked for you in your desire to stay healthy and fit!

                                                              Blessings- Deb

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