Monday, July 14, 2014

Silk and Lace

I wore this combination to church yesterday.  I usually would have played it safe and paired this shirt with a white or black skirt, but since I am exploring different options I paired it with my lace skirt instead.
I used my Tarte'  Melaluca Miracle Make-up today because I felt I needed a bit more coverage.  I cut it with some of my moisturizer, but I really feel like it evened out my skin tones ( I'm wearing the light-medium), Lipstick is Urban Decay
This shirt is from Madewell this spring- I paired it with a jacket for the cooler weather on the Purple Crush post on March 21st.  This skirt is Banana Republic (old) but I found two choices for you below.  Bracelet is from Forever 21 (old)
My medallion necklace from J.Crew- they have a different version of this shirt on sale now- see below
I hope this combination will inspire you to take a new look at your wardrobe-
Happy Monday!

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