Sunday, April 19, 2015

Day Off

I have to work on Saturdays and Monday is my day off- so this is one of my favorite casual outfits- jeans and a tee

This black tee is perfect- silky soft, long and roomy.  I got this at the Nordstrom Rack and I found similar ones below- the exact brand of mine is "H by bordeaux"- if you have a Rack near you they can try to find the exact item

The white beads are actually a meditation or Buddhist prayer beads(Mala Beads)- these are white turquoise and have properties from the stone that benefits the wearer.  You can find all types of stones and price ranges- a inexpensive choice is below

These three accessories will elevate any tee shirt and jeans- or instead of the necklace you could add a scarf

This tee is long in the back- Miss Me Jeans (old)

Enjoy your day whatever you are doing!

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