Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Flare Jeans and Wedge Sandals

The rule used to be if you've done a trend once, you shouldn't do it again- how about the 3rd time around? High waisted flare jeans are trendy this spring and actually more flattering for most figures than the skinny cropped ones that have been going strong for several years- H&M jeans ( I have included several choices and price options for you)

A large pearl necklace is also on trend- I found 2 similar choices below 

Metallic wedges (like I wore in 7th grade) are comfortable and this metallic color goes with everything for spring and summer.  I have an top of the line choice and a $20 choice for you 

I wanted to show these prescription glasses I purchased from Zenni Optical- even with my lens correction they were $15- if you wear glasses and want some inexpensive options I have included their link ( love the fade-out on the bottom)
Zenni Optical

I have seen this outfit in some candid shots from Paris, but for Idaho I think it's too fashion forward- maybe I will reconsider- what do think about high wasted flares?  I'd love to hear your ideas-



  1. I think they look great on you and imagine after the low rise jeans of late, will take some getting use to!

  2. you have done massive work when collecting this!!
    wedge sandals



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