Sunday, April 26, 2015

Pattern Play

I wore this to a wedding we went to on Saturday.  I had planned to just wear this dress, but the weather was very cold and windy.  I have had this coat literally for 15 years.  I wouldn't have thought to combine these patterns a few years ago, but I've found myself taking some more creative choices
This coat is "Reba" Brand from Dillards
A delicate necklace seemed the best option since there is a lot going on here
(Ann Taylor -old)

This dress is from DownEast Outfitters.  Their dresses usually have sleeves and are a longer length- It's super comfortable and I find I'm not always adjusting things- sometimes with a shorter dress or something that's tighter it's less comfortable

I have some similar choices for you below- Hopefully you'll feel comfortable taking a more creative approach when looking in your own closet!

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