Thursday, May 7, 2015


I'm on Idaho Living today and we had an example of a great outfit to wear if you are going from dropping off children, running to the gym and then running errands- There is actually a new term for this Athleisure

Whole new companies are a product of this style- Lelulemon, Athleta, Fabletics and Title Nine.  Clothes you can work-out, relax or run errands in and be comfortable.  This outfit reminds me of a ballerina after practice- it is classy

It's easy to remove my top and switch shoes to work-out ( Bra- Fabletics, leggings Old Navy- similar choices below)

This shirt is so comfortable, loose, baggy and very lightweight.  I love wearing this outfit after I've come home from work and switched out of my dressy clothes!

My favorite J.Crew flats
Another  definition of Athleisure

Have a terrific weekend!

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