Thursday, June 4, 2015

Dressing Your Man

I am a guest on Idaho Living today and we are talking about how to help your man dress well and avoid the "sloppy dad" look!

This photo shows about every "no" in the book; dad jeans, cargo shorts, jorts (jean shorts), black socks with black shoes, short sleeve button down, graphic tee, basketball shorts, logo baseball hat- yuck!
This is a great choice for an athletic guy; super thin stretchy polo that wicks moisture and flat front shorts with a subtle print- all from lululemon
Don't spoil the look with gym shoes, or shoes you wear to work in the yard.
Slip-ons are comfortable and stylish

No short sleeve button-down shirts; roll the sleeves of a long sleeve shirt. Linen is a easy choice for summer because it's supposed to look wrinkled and not perfectly pressed. Slimmer jeans and colored canvas shoes are perfect!

Looking for a cool way to cuff your shirt?  Follow the easy directions below

Start with the sleeve down and buttoned

Roll half way up
Roll half way up again

Fold the cuff down


One of my favorites- white shirt with a linen jacket.  Remember guys want to be comfortable, and don't try too many changes at once!  Ease them into it!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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