Thursday, July 9, 2015

Celebrity Crush

I have always admired the way Reese Witherspoon looks.  Even in these candid shots of her running around town, she always looks classy and feminine.  I was actually surprised when I put these photos together today how many similar combinations I have worn.  My daughter-in-law nannied children that  attend the same school as Reese's children and she said Reese was really nice and down to earth. Who is your celebrity crush?  Print out some pictures of them in out-fits you like for some inspiration!

Hat, jacket and shoes are perfect!

Love her white jeans with those heels!

This is casual and classy- her yellow purse with her rolled jeans and pumps are perfect!

My favorite O'Dorsey leopard pumps!

Coral and white- one of my favorites

Even jeans and tee look great on her!

Reese has started her own company that includes clothes, jewelry, home decor and more.  It's called Draper-James.  You can check out the link below
Draper James

Have a wonderful weekend!

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