Sunday, July 12, 2015

Chic Shift

I bought this shift dress on Saturday from Nordstrom Rack- it was less than $40 and a perfect dress for when I want something a bit edgier!

A shift dress is a more boxy cut- straight up and down on the sides

The result is something that is super comfortable and doesn't show any bumps or bulges !

These booties were an amazing find at Banana Republic when they had their clearance sale over the 4th of July-
They were normally $170 and I picked them up for $38!  Don't worry there are several choices and price points below

Embellished sleeves means I don't need to think about a necklace

I've seen Gwyneth Paltro and Kate Bosworth wear black booties with a dress, but I hadn't tried it before- I actually really like the edge they bring to this outfit!

Pockets round out the comfy vibe- Have a great Monday!

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