Thursday, July 23, 2015

Red Fish Lake

I was really good to get prepared with posts before we left for our annual vacation to Red Fish Lake, but since we have been back things have been crazy!  Next week should be back to normal.  This is one of my favorite vacations.  We go every year around this time and any children or grandchildren that can make it come up.  This year there were 10 of us, which is only about half, but we still had an amazing time!  It's hard to come home because of the rugged beauty of this country-
I hope your vacation is just as memorable for you!

Most of us on our hike above Stanley Idaho

I know this looks fake, but it's the view from our camp site- Mt. Heyburn (10,000+ Feet)

John and I had a day together before everyone arrived- this is a hike north of Sun Valley

The wild flowers at Smokey Lake

We had to get our Acroyoga in!  This is me and my son Dan

Dan and his wife Jordan- They are really talented!

Me and John- I actually felt very secure in this pose!

My Birthday was in the 17th and we did an all-day ride into Alice Lake- it was a fabulous day!

John and me before our ride

You can see why they call them the Sawtooth Mountains

Panoramic of Alice Lake
Yoga on our hike above Stanley

Have a fabulous weekend!

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