Thursday, August 27, 2015

Voluptuous Dressing

I am co-hosting Idaho Living today and we were talking about dressing the voluptuous woman! First of all don't dress trying to "look thinner", this really limits your choices!  Pick your feature that you love best about your body and highlight it!  Also, most clothing doesn't fit "straight off the rack", so spending a bit for tailoring is worth it.  It's better to have two pairs of jeans (blue and black), that fit to perfection that 6 pairs of jeans that really don't flatter you.  I have a lot more suggestions under my BASICS tab a the top, that will help anyone with finding flattering clothes that work on you.  

Below I have links and photos from two plus-sized blogs.  Gabi has helped to develop Target's new Ava & Viv line, and it looks like their are some fun affordable pieces coming out for the fall.  She also has done a lookbook with ASOS for the fall as well.

Another great blog is Girl With Curves. Tanesha Awasthi has amazing combinations that would look good on anyone!

Whatever you need this is a great weekend to go shopping!  With summer ending almost everyone is having a sales, with bigger ones coming this next weekend for Labor Day- Enjoy!

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