Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Beauty Product of the Week!

I take fairly good care of my feet, but summer hikes, going barefoot a lot for yoga and our dry climate has taken it's toll.  I first heard about this foot peel on another blog I read.  I ordered it last week and put the booties on my feet for an hour as directed.  This is day five post peel and all of the skin is peeling off- ALL of the dead skin and cracks on my heals are peeling off!  It looks pretty gross and I am wearing socks 24/7, so as not to have dead skin everywhere.  There are a lot of pictures on the internet if you want to see some before and afters; they are pretty gross, so I didn't want to post them here.  I am really happy with the results and it's totally painless!  I've included the link below if you want baby smooth feet!

Baby Foot Peel

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