Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Make-up Update

I'm always on the look-out for new lipstick and I truly did need new blush (in this shade).  This is the new Dior Lipstick that Jennifer Lawrence is the face of for Dior.  It is exspensive- I have never spent $35 on a lipstick before!  The difference I noticed is that this lipstick looks like you are wearing both lipstick and gloss- it's moist, shiny and very moisturizing.  My lips get so dry in the Idaho weather that often a dryer, matte lipstick looks wrinkly and way too dry.  This lasts about 4 hours without a touch-up if I'm not eating.  The color I choose is number 667 Avenue- it's a beautiful pink, rosy color that's not too bright.  I love this blush that I got to go with it- It's a pink with a bit of peach in it- one side has shimmer and the other side is darker and less shimmer.  It reminds me of a darker Orgasm blush from Nars- Enjoy!

Make-up Update

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