Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Lipstick Queen

Our weather has been gray, snowy and rainy- it's currently hailing, so I haven't been able to get out and take photos.  I did buy this set of lip glosses from Lipstick Queen over the holidays.  Their lipsticks have great reviews and I thought this would let me sample four colors without breaking the bank.  These are the glosses and are very creamy and thicker than most of the lip glosses I have.  They are not sticky or tacky which I like.  They are longer lasting, but wouldn't last through a meal or all day without re-application.  As I've mentioned before our weather in Idaho is very dry; so in the winter I need a good gloss since lipstick can be drying and shows any roughness on my lips.  Here are the four colors on my lips in the order they appear in the box.  They are all lighter on- I like all of them except the darkest one- it is too brown for my skin tone.  These are still available at Ulta for $24, and I've included the link below- Enjoy!

Colors clockwise from the top left
Energy-shimmery red
Infinite- very pale peach (with gold undertones)
Creation-glossy rose
Black Hole-deep wine (brown undertones)


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