Monday, February 15, 2016


I never thought I would be so excited about my yoga bag.  I have been lugging this old pink thing around since my training last September and asked the children to give me a gift certificate to Lululemon for Christmas so I could get a new bag.   It's taken me this long to go pick one out, but I LOVE it!  They have thought of everything.   Even if you don't do yoga this is a perfect gym bag, diaper bag, or over night bag.  I think it will be my second carry on when I travel.  It's got a compartment for everything!  I choose the gray because it has gold zippers and a bright pink lining with inspirational sayings on it.  I love how organized it is keeping me!

It has labels for where everything goes!

This section is big enough to hold my laptop- even though I usually carry my IPAD

Water bottle pocket

Love this bright pink lining!

It comes with an extra drawstring bag for wet items- The blue bag is my make-up case

It's really roomy inside even with these two side pockets
There is even a pocket for my phone- so it doesn't get lost in the bottom of the bag!

And it has a strap to hold my yoga mat- I'm in love !

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