Thursday, February 11, 2016

UGG Wedges

I bought this official Army jacket at our Robert Comstock Store-Kind of strange!
It's a man's small, but it is long enough to give coverage in back when I'm wearing leggings

I didn't want this outfit to look too masculine, so I added a statement necklace that is
 mostly chains and clear stones
Although my heart is set on an early spring, yesterday was gray and foggy.
This look is a bit edgier tha I normally wear, but it felt fun
I looked on-line and couldn't find a similar jacket.
If you live in Boise they still have them for $19 at the store in the village

My other great score was the UGG wedge boots that I found at the Nordstrom Rack!
It was meant to be, this was the only pair they had in the style and size I wanted.  These were in the fall catalog, but I couldn't justify $200 for boots- but $69 heck yea!

The Rack had some other options below for you-

Have a fantastic weekend and Valentine's Day!

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  1. Great share! Even I have some awesome collection of Wedges online at Majorbrands.



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