Thursday, March 31, 2016

Amazing Maxi Dress

I bought this really fun maxi dress at H&M for $10.  I seriously don't think they made any
money with this purchase!
Maxi dresses are perfect for so many reasons; if you don't like your legs this is a beautiful way to
cover them- same with the arms. I'm totally covered in this dress, but it's chiffon so it's
light and comfortable!

I love the bohemian vibe with this print!  I added my own belt to highlight
my waist, but it's gathered there if you don't want a belt

These lacy peep-toes match perfectly, but you could always wear flats or sandals
This dress is $14 on line- why I have no idea!  There there are some other great choices for you below-

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the sunshine!

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