Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Spring Scarves

Last Thursday I was able to help host Ladies Night Out at the Village in Meridian.
I was at Charming Charlie's and did scarf demonstrations for spring!

Scarves are still such an important accessory for spring- this flower tie is made using a skinny scarf
Start twisting both ends together

Keep twisting until it starts to turn in on it's self
Make a rosette and have the contrasting ends stick out as petals
(You may need to place a safety pin in it once you are finished to keep it from unraveling)
This fun knotted scarf is easy to do with a pashmina wrap
Charming Charlie's has it available in 15 different colors!
Just start making knots
Reverse which side you wrap over the top for each knot

Keeping until you are near the ends!
This is so easy and is great for spring when you don't need a big bulky scarf, but still want warmth

Start twisting the scarf in opposite directions and then bring the middle together-
It will look like this as it twists 

Then just loop the ends through the middle- Easy!

Click on the link below to see 10 other different ways to tie scarves- it's an easy and inexpensive way to update your look!

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