Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Most of us hate shopping for swimsuits.  At least in Idaho there isn't a huge selection, especially of one-piece suits. The web-site Everything but Water, has the biggest collection that I have been able to find.  They have over 550 one-piece swimsuits, a large plus size selection and all the other accessories that you might need for the pool or beach.
Swimsuits are one area where I will pay a higher price to buy a quality piece.  In our 20's and 30's when our bodies hadn't been through so much, we could get away with thinner fabrics and skimpy cuts- but now it's worth it to find a suit that you feel fantastic in!  Always remember that you usually need to go up one or two sizes when ordering.  I usually wear a 2 or 4, so I would order a six and an eight.  You can always send the extra one back (not sale suits though), and it helps to have the next size readily available.
The one-pieces I have picked out below feel young and sexy, and I love the backs as well.  I hate having a suit where the back is solid and reaches to my shoulder blades!  
Which is your favorite?


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