Sunday, April 17, 2016

H&M Dresses

 This dress is from H&M- they have so many great dress under $50!  This week you can get 30% off your entire purchase if you bring a grocery shopping bag of used clothes.  They recycle them and the dress I am wearing is made out of recycled materials.  This dress isn't avail be on-line in this color, only the polka dots below.  But hop on in to your local store and get 30% off!  Enjoy!

Dresses are so easy!  You don't need to worry about matching separates-
This dress is just loose enough to hide any bulges; you don't want to be trying to suck everything in all day,
and wearing shape wear in warmer temperatures can be uncomfortable-

I love the color of this dress- I'm wearing heels, but it would also be great with flats!

I got this Michael Kors bag at a consignment shop for $75- it still had the price tag on!
Another great place to find discounted designer bags is  TJMaxx on-line-
I'm thinking of doing a post on that soon
This dress is perfect for summer-  the fabric is light and airy.  You could even wear it to the park or pool with sandals- perfect to dress up or down~ and only $39!


  1. Super cute outfit, I've seen this in our H & M in uk but think it's a little too short for me. (not good legs) x



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