Sunday, April 10, 2016

Owl Blouse

White jeans are my favorite for spring!  J.Crew Matchstick Jeans keep their shape and are super comfortable-
This cute owl top is at H&M for $5!
I love the details of a zipper in the back, and the fact that it's not skin tight! You get a fluid, clean line
even if a few extra pounds are under there-
This more classic style keeps these whimsical owl from looking too young
I love heels, but you can always wear flats if you are doing a lot of walking
This exact shirt isn't on line, but I found a very similar one and also
a few other choices that would look good with either blue or white jeans
The key to making an inexpensive shirt last is to not wash it too much,
and when you do hand wash or gentle cycle-cold.  Dry for only a few minutes in the dryer,
 and then air dry the rest- you'll get more mileage that way!

Happy Monday!  I was with my new grandson all weekend;
It was hard to leave!

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