Thursday, April 14, 2016

Thicker Hair

I read about this new texturizing hairspray on a beauty editors review.  On the bottle it says if dry shampoo and hairspray had a baby this would be it.  Two of the reviews said it was like getting extensions.  I haven't had extensions, so I can't confirm that part- but it did give a tremenous amount of volume to my hair.  I ordered it from Sephora- (the only place you can get it), and it arrived today. I tried it out and was really impressed.  I try a lot of different hair products and this is one I will be using a lot of in the future. It does have a strong fragrance, that fades after about on hour, but if strong smells bother you, you might not like it.  For what it does to your hair though, I think you'd put up with the fragrance.  It's pleasant, but would compete with your perfume.

Texturizing hair spray
I curled my hair the same on both sides and on your left I sprayed the texturing spray-
nothing else- right side is untouched

This is with both sides sprayed- it really does add a lot of volume.  I will still probably use my regular dry shampoo
on the second and third days just at the roots.  My hair doesn't feel sticky or weighed down.
Let me know how you like it!

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