Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Three New Faves

My oldest daughter gave me this brush set and highlighter for Mother's Day and I am loving them!  This brush set is amazing-even if you aren't a make-up pro these brushes are marked on the handle for what they are used for and have an anti-bacterial element so that you don't transfer germs from the brush to your face.  They have high ratings on Amazon and are a fantastic price point.  
I had used this highlighter before when I visited her a few months ago and really wanted to take it home with me.  It is not glittery or frosty and adds just the right amount of highlight.  Since it's a powder it is easy to apply to the right area with accuracy- it currently comes with a fun matte lip-gloss in a wearable color. I like to apply a small amount directly under my eye- close to the lash line, cheek bones and the cupid's bow above my mouth- under my eyebrows on the orbital bone is another great place to apply.
My third current favorite is this under make-up primer.  Spackle is a horrible name for this product- because it sounds heavy.  It isn't and really makes my skin smooth while filling in fine lines and wrinkles- I have been extremely happy using it.  Treat yourself and pick something fun- links are below!

Three New Faves

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