Thursday, June 23, 2016

Forever 21

Most of us think of Forever 21 as a store for our daughters- which is partly true!  I have had really good luck with their jackets; they are made surprising well, and often lined.  If you are reading this on Thursday they are doing a special today for friends and family for 21% off your purchase- in store or online.  The code is BFF21 and they ask for an email address- you can use mine  I don't know if they will extend the sale, but sign up for their emails- they often have special promotions- and free shipping.  Even at regular prices these items are worth getting.  There are two utility jackets here- I wear mine that I purchased last year a lot and have had it on the blog.  I also have two of the faux leather jackets and they wear well.  I featured a long black sleeveless vest last week and they have one if you wanted to get it. The kimono and denim vest are also good staples to have.  Sometimes the store can be overwhelming with so many pieces to choose from, so for me shopping on line is a bit easier.  Remember though that their return policy is only for store credit.  I usually wear a medium in most of their jackets- Have a great weekend!

Forever 21

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