Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Weekend Get-Away

As some of you know I worked at J.Crew for a year to basically get a discount on the clothes that I love!  They are a higher price point than I normally spend, but the quality of their clothing makes it worth it.  I have one coat from J.Crew that I have had for 15 years and it still looks great-  I've put together a capsule that is everything you need for a short trip. The dress can be worn alone or with the sweater.  The tee will go with the white jeans, shorts and the polka dot sweater as well.  If you are feeling daring you can wear the blouse with the shorts (mixing up those patterns) and of course it looks beautiful with jeans- it also could serve as a swim suit cover-up with the sleeves rolled.  The swimsuit is a one-piece, but doesn't look like something a grandma would wear, and the silver sandals go with everything! Some of these items are on sale at J.Crew now. I hope you have a fun trip coming up that you could use this a guide- even with similar items from your own closet- Enjoy!

Weekend Get-Away

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