Thursday, July 28, 2016


I had lunch with one of my good friends today and she is going to Europe in October.  I am lucky enough to be going in September with two of my daughters.  We both want to do carry-on (my brother who just traveled there had his luggage lost and didn't get it until he returned home!)
Her challenge to me was to put together enough outfits for 12 days that would fit in a carry on.  Since I have already been thinking about what I will bring I thought this might be helpful for you as well.  
Below is the outfit I will wear on the plane.  I want to wear my heaviest- bulkiest pieces that would have taken up the most room.  Leggings and a tee are super comfy for the flight and boots take up so much room, ditto for the coat (it's always good to have an extra layer for temperature changes).  
You can always remove the boots during the flight- Easy to zip on and off!
Check back Monday for more outfits and see if I can get it in one carry-on!
Have a great weekend!

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