I was born in 1962 (you can do the math) and have always loved fashion!  I grew up in a home where there wasn't much money available for clothing.  I took Home Economics in the 7th grade and learned to sew.  My mother told me that I could have all the remnants from the local fabric store if I wanted to sew my own clothes. I was hooked!  I started altering patterns and sewing anything I could think of; I even made swim suits for my whole family one summer (they were gracious enough to wear them). If I had the technology of today available 30 years ago; blogging would have been my career!  Sadly it was not, so I went to my next choice which was to work in the medical field.  I attended the University of Utah and became a Radiation Therapist-translation; I worked with cancer patients giving them their radiation treatments for 25 years. This was rewarding work, but very stressful and I finally burnt myself out.

Since then I have been involved with recruiting for Northwestern Mutual and working with two start ups- one in advertising and the other in medical cosmetic treatments. I am now teaching Barr and Hot Yoga classes that I love!

My biggest claim to fame is that I have twelve children (yes, this is not a typo!)  I was a single mom with three children and I fell in love with a widower who had nine children.  We have been married and blending families for over nine years.  My interests are all over the place; fashion and make-up (of course!), hot yoga, photography, tennis, cooking, reading, camping and hiking, and spending time with my hubby, children and grand children!

I wanted to create a blog for women living in a world where we are taking care of family, working (in or out of the home), and have some experiences under our belt.  I love designer fashion, put I don't have the budget for it.  I want to look current, but at the same time not look like my twenty year old daughters. I need pieces that work together, are chic, comfortable, practical and not all dry clean only!

Please follow me for daily inspiration!  I would love to hear about your challenges and successes!  You can reach me at lovefashionandlive@gmail.com.



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