Beauty encompasses so many things; visually, spiritually, and physically. On this part of my  blog I'm starting with skin care and make-up for the face.

1. Skin 
I'm a firm believer that what you put in your body and how you physically feel is in direct correlation to how you look.  You can wear beautiful clothes, and have perfectly done make-up, but if you don't radiate health and confidence it doesn't all come together.  Those are things you can't fake.  There is plenty of information out there about health and fitness, so I'm not going into detail about that.  I don't drink or smoke for religious reasons, and I believe it's really helped my skin.  I try to eat right, but I'm good about 80% of the time- I still enjoy life!  My exercise of choice is hot yoga; I've practiced for almost 13 years.  It has transformed my body and I can't live without it. Gwenyth Paltrow's Blog, "Goop"  has a lot of great health and exercise information.  I want to try the Tracy Anderson workout videos; she's Gwenyth's and Madonna's trainer.

2. Dermal Fillers and Botox
I'm not going to try and fool you like so many celebrities out there that say they haven't had anything done.  I'm going to be 52 this year, and I grew up in California with a pool in 70's.  We didn't even have sunscreen!  So in the past(about 8 years ago) I had some firming treatments with light type of laser (at a Dr.'s office) and they helped a bit with tightening.  But the most effective product I use is a prescription strength Retinol product. A great link if you don't know much about this is There are lots of beauty products with a Retinoid in them, but your dermatologist can prescribe a more powerful prescription for you.  The strengths start out at .025%, .05%, and .10%. The first week use it 3 times at night, then every other night and by the third week every night.  You'll probably have some redness and flaking, but hang in there!  Your skin will be able to handle it, and this is the gold standard for building collagen.   The  skin care line I love for moisturizer, cleansing and serums is Epionce.  There are medical studies that prove it's efficacy.  You can order it from Reblume Medical.

I get botox four times a year around my eyes and some in my forehead.  I get a very conservative amount so I still have movement and don't look frozen.  I get filler (Juvederm) in my lips once a year and have some filler around my mouth.  A year and a half ago I had some very long lasting filler (Artefill) injected under my eyes and around my mouth.  This has a ten year longevity, so hopefully I won't need to repeat it. I have loved it- it was definitely a game changer. Rachel Cook BSRN, from Reblume Medical does all my injections; she is amazing! Rachel practices in Salt Lake City Utah and Boise Idaho. Reblume's web-site is a great source to learn about how filler can keep you looking young without surgery. To find someone in your area, ask friends for recommendations and be sure to get a consultation and ask to see YOUR practitioner's before and after photos- not the promotional pictures or someone else's work, even if they work in the same office.  Dr's aren't always the best injectors, so ask how many injection procedures they do a year- often the nurse or PA does all the injections.

If you have nice skin you shouldn't need a lot of foundation.  For most days I use Revlon Age Defyeing Makeup, which I mix with my moisturizer to give very light coverage. A good  low cost moisturizer is L'Oreal Revitalift- plus it has A SPF of 30 in it. If I need more coverage I use Tarte's Maraluca Miracle Foundation- I usually cut this with moisturizer too. When you are older I think heavy foundation can really age you, by making your skin look dull and accentuating your wrinkles.  If I want my skin to really glow I put some Benefit's High Beam or MAC's Strobe Cream on my cheekbones before the foundation.  I put Glow Minerals Camouflage Concealer on any under eye darkness before the foundation.  Unfortunately, I still get occasional breakouts, so after foundation is on I cover any blemishes with Murad's Acne Treatment Concealer (it has Salicylic Acid in it).  My favorite concealer for under the eyes, or to cover up any other areas is Mac's Studio Finish Concealer.  I love Tart's highlighting powder to put on cheekbones and for times when I don't want a lot of highlights, I do like Bare Minerals Powder to set things. 

 4. Eye Shadow
One of my favorite things to do is to go and have my make-up done at Nordstorm or Macy's.  I always learn something from the make-up artist, and it's a fantastic way to try out new looks without the commitment. Bobbi Brown is one of my favorites.  Bobbi's philosophy is to help you look natural and look your best.  Bobbi has published several books on beauty and make-up.  If you don't want to buy them, check them out at the library.  They have great pictures and she explains the basics well.  Bobbi has fabulous eyeshadows that last a long time.  Her gel eye liner is the only kind I use- it lasts all day without moving or smudging.  As we age, frosted or glittery eyeshadows can call attention to wrinkles, or decreased firmness in the eye lid.  Bobbi has a tremendous selection of matte shadows.  Don't be afraid to tell your make-up artist if it isn't the look you were going for- it's easy to wipe the make-up off and try something else.  You need not feel pressured to buy everything he or she suggests.  It is polite to purchase at least on item you like.  After all, your artist has probably spent at least a half hour with you for no charge.
The other brand that I really like is MAC cosmetics.  When I go to MAC to have my make-up done, I usually bring a picture I really like from a magazine.  This brand has endless colors to choose from, and the artists have always done an amazing job in replicating the picture colors.  Our MAC store charges a $25 fee, which can be applied to your purchase.  Go with a friend and have lunch after- It's great way to update your look!  The other way I learn great make-up tips is on Youtube. This link to the MMandL show is entertaining.  These girls are spunky and hilarious! 
The other make-up artist I love is Michele Phan.  She is amazing!  To watch her transform herself into Angelia Jolie is unbelievable .  She recently started her own make-up line that I haven't had time to try yet.

I have tried so many mascaras over the years, that I could have probably bought a Louie Speedy Bag! I have two all time favorites.  The first one is "They're Real!" by benefit cosmetics.  This mascara does live up to all the hype.  It really lengthens without clumping or going on too thick.  It has great staying power and doesn't flake.  My second all time favorite is "Lash Curling Mascara" by Trish McEvoy.  This mascara is really amazing!  It forms little tubes around each eyelash, so it REALLY won't move, smudge or flake.  If I am going to the gym or anywhere hot and humid, this does the job. It doesn't add a lot of volume, but the fact that it won't budge makes it perfect for many things.  You can even cry with it on and it won't budge (unless it's a crying spree)! Don't be alarmed when you try to remove it.  You just use warm water.  Gently press warm water on your lashes and the  little tubes of mascara will slide off.  At first it looks like your lashes are coming off, but this is not the case!  Most days for me I put the benefit mascara on first for length and fullness on the top lashes only, then the Trish McEvoy over this and on my bottom lashes. I usually have a problem with mascara drifting to my under-eye area, but this solves the problem!

6. Blush and Lipstick
When I was younger, I always kept my blush the same and just changed lipstick colors.  Over the years I started matching my blush and lipstick to the same color family- which I think looks more natural and pleasing to the eye.  My four main color groups are pink, red, mauve and orange.  My three favorite lipstick brands are Bobbi Brown, MAC and Rimmel (drugstore brand).  I will list the colors that I currently am using.
Pink- Lipsticks;  Amplified (Color Drama Lipstick)by Victoria's Secret
                               Pinkdusk (Creme Smooth Lipcolor) by Laura Mercier
                               Rose (Lip Color) by Bobbi Brown
                               #104 (Lasting Finish by Kate Moss) by Rimmel
           Blush; Gentle (Minerizled Blush) by MAC
                        Orgasm (Blush) by NARS
                        Boost (Blush) by Bare Minerals
Orange- Lipsticks;  Alibi by MAC
                                   Sweet Nectar (Rich Lip Color) by Bobbi Brown
                                   #12 (Lasting Finish by Kate Moss) by Rimmel
            Blush; Peachtwist (Sheertone Shimmer Blush) by MAC
                        Orgasm (Blush) by NARS  It has pink and coral undertones
Red- Lipsticks;  #111 (Lasting Finish by Kate Moss) by Rimmel true red
                              Rocker by MAC ( darker winter red)
                              Red Carpet (Creme Lipstick) by Bobbi Brown- orangey red
            Blush- Mystic (velvet) by MAC- only a little needed!
Mauve- Lipsticks;  Heather Pink (Rich Lip Color) by Bobbi Brown
                                   Vintage Mauve (Lip Color) by Bobbi Brown
              Blush-Mauve by Bobbi Brown

I must admit that I have probably ten other lipsticks, but these are my favorites.  If I want the lipcolor to last I fill in the entire lip with a lip pencil- not just the borders- that can fade away to a strange darker line around your lips.  Bobbi Brown makes my favorite lip gloss- it lasts for a long time. The lip pencils I love are Trish McEvoy- they are a more natural matte finish and stay on well.
Rank And Style is a great web-site that makes a top ten list of clothing, accessories and beauty items- they do all the testing so you don't have to-  here is the link for their top 10 lipsticks 
Last but not least, I choose the color group for blush and lipstick after I have gotten dressed- so they match the colors around my face- Experiment and have fun!!


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